The starting letters of the Euro banknotes

S/N Prefix Country Checksum*
N Austria 3
Z Belgium 9
L Finland 5
U France 5
X Germany 2
Y Greece 1
T Ireland 6
S Italy 7
R Luxemburg 8
P Netherlands 1
M Portugal 4
V Spain 4
W* Denmark(*reserved) 3
K* Sweden(*reserved) 6
J* U.K.(*reserved) 7

*Explication for the checksum:
Imagine, you have a note with the number Z12623222168
From the "Z" you can see that it's a Belgian note. If you
then take the checksum of the numbers, you will end up
with 35. Take the checksum of 35 and you'll get 8, but
Belgium has the checksum 9. You're note is false !!!