About Taco

Some words about me:

Real name is Wolfgang Thoma, nickname TACO just comes from our two kids Talita and Cosmas. (Having an url or e-mail adress like "user.a4711bb4.4067@provider.xyz" sounds a little bit boring, I just found taco@thoma.be nice and easy). Dirty old man, (from 1947 !), born German, but living from 1973 to 1979* and again since 1983 in Belgium in Willebroek and married since 1975 with Wally, who's hobby is lace. I was working till my retirement as R & D manager for decorative inks in one of the better printing ink companies.
*Between summer '79 and spring '83 we lived in Brazil and I found a fantastic site on the net about this country. You must have a look on this site (but only after you're finished with mine, promised ?)