What is pinhole photography ?

In a few words, pinhole photography is a way of taking shots with a homemade device instead of with a $ 1000 camera.The basic principle is that of using a light-tight box with a light sensitive material (film or photographic paper) fitted to the inside and a very small hole at one end of the box to "let the image in"

Why do people do such strange things ?

Some just for fun, some as an expression of art, some others as a way of protest against our consumption mentality and still others just because they don't have the money to buy a real camera, enlarger and other equipment.

Renner's Opinion

In his book "Pinhole photography - Rediscovering a Historic Technique" Eric Renner wrote on p.67 the following:


"Pinhole photography can be the art of surprise, like looking at the world through a child's eyes. It is a continual wonder, and surely magical, that time after time pinhole cameras can make an intriguing image. This curious attribute is the pinhole camera's greatest gift to its user. I truly appreciate that something as easy to make as a pinhole camera performs such a seemingly complex task as producing an image. Here, within mere minutes is a camera and in a few more minutes an image! Some people have tried to make pinhole photography complicated, but it is not, and it should not be. Knowing f/stops and exact pinhole diameters, making view finders and using light meters are not necessary considerations. A pinhole camera's inherent simplicity is the basis of its character. The excitement of making and using something so simple appeals to a childlike innocence within all of us."
Eric Renner

My Family's Opinion:

They declared me for crazy, and after trying to construct my first Dirkon sometimes I really felt so! But in the meantime I even made a second one and now I feel better!!!

How to build a pinhole camera ?

Even Kodak has a page describing how to make one, and for an interested beginner it's not so bad ! My own first one was just a shoe box.

Pinhole photography on the net

Using a search engine like Google or Altavista, you will find quite some stuff under the keyword "pinhole photography". Some of the better sites (with the exception of mine) are:

My own very first trials

The Pinhole Resource ("The Bible")

Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography (A good site for beginners)

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Jon Grepstad's Page (very good !)

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Hoe een gatjescamera maken en gebruiken (in dutch, for schools or youth groups)

How to build and use a pinhole camera (same in English, for schools or youth groups)

David Balihar and the Dirkon Paper Camera

Not directly Pinhole related, but interesting: How to use 120 film in a 620 camera?

And all the others

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