Since some years the friends of the local Willebroek basic school "Het Pleintje" are selling X-mas cards for fundraising to improve the working of the school. (Among others they bought a complete network of one Pentium 166 as server and 12 Cyrix 133 as slaves for the computer class) Sounds nothing today, but that was great stuff in '96 !!!
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01) Willebroek Bridge 1993

02) Lake And Ruins Of Castle De Bocht 1993

03) Overwinningsstraat 1993

04) Church Sint Niklaas 1993

05) Lock And Lock House Klein Willebroek 1993

06) Tisselt Bridge 1993

07) Manor Bel Air 1994 (My favourite)

08) Old Van Enschodt Bridge Klein Willebroek 1994

09) Pub "Gulden Vlies" 1995

10) Mill House Blaasveld 1995

11) Old Town Hall Heindonk 1995

12) De Naeyer Paper Mill 1996 (sold out)

13) Willebroek Station 1996

14) Chapel Viertienbunders Blaasveld 1996

15) Willebroek Bridge 1997

16) Manor Bel Air 1997

17) Lock House Klein Willebroek 1998

18) Town Hall Willebroek 1998

19) Water Tower Willebroek 1999

20) Kraagput 1999

21) Our school "'t Pleintje" 1999

22) Vicarage Heindonk 2000

23) Tisselt - Chapel "Hoogland" 2000

In 2001 there were no new cards, they decided to make a selection of the best of the best which are:

They were sold for the price of 150 BEF per pack of the six at school
In 2002 and 2003 they only sold the remaining cards in "surprise packs" for 4 EUR

2004 ???

order a card either directly in the school or at: taco@thoma.be

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Legal note concerning copywrights:
It is not me (Taco) personally selling the cards, and I earn absolutely nothing by doing that. I'm just a volunteer as the friends of the school don't yet have an own homepage. You can also order the cards directly from the school (see above)